the infamous tent

Owen got this great tent for his birthday last year that he was able to play in for several months. Then, overnight he turned into this wild and crazy little boy so the tent had to go away. We brought the tent out on Sunday afternoon to see if he was ready for it again. We quickly realized….it’s a definite no!

the tent “at rest”
Owen sees the tent…..runs full speed into it….then proceeds to tumble around the room inside the tent. It was pretty entertaining to watch but definitely not something you want to witness on a daily basis. This picture captures the tent in “mid-flight” so you don’t really capture the essence of what we witnessed.

peeking out to see why he’s getting in trouble…notice Chris is in the background either looking bored, nonchalant, or completely ignoring what’s going on!

he may be wild and crazy but who wouldn’t love this face!?!

So the tent has been away for awhile longer….stay tuned!

One thought on “the infamous tent

  1. We have a little club house with a tunnel- the tunnel sounds like it would be perfect for owen- Now that C can crawl through it- HOURS of entertainment!! Plus, our tunnel comes seperate from the clubhouse. But yes Boys will be boys and dad’s will be dad’s LOL!!! Love Chris on the Couch!

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