drawing the line in the sand

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I’m a parent who spanks. Agree or disagree that’s totally up to you. It’s what works for us and our particular child. However, we’ve recently realized the virtues of time-out. There are those instances where removing your child from the situation that’s causing them to get in trouble truly works wonders. So, we’ve been giving it a go and it’s been very successful. Owen is a very stubborn and hard-headed child who isn’t fazed much by spanking. There’s something about standing in the corner that’s working much to our amazement. So, I’m going to make the proponents of time-out proud and say that I’m starting to see your point.

Ignore the dirt all over the poor child…this was immediately after I removed him from the sandbox/umbrella incident and he decided to lose his mind. I will post a little disclaimer and say that we’re doing time-out “Super Nanny style” meaning that we kneel down on his level and explain to him why he had to go to time-out and then finish with a hug and kiss when he’s finished serving his time. So far it’s working…..I’m saying a little prayer right now that he will continue to respond well to this type of punishment. Pray with me folks!

2 thoughts on “drawing the line in the sand

  1. That sounds just like us. We put Ava Grace in the corner and let her cry it out!!!I have to leave because I usually start laughing! We have a VERY strong-willed child, but she comes by it naturally.

  2. I am with ya girl friend!! We spank although since T has gotten older we can just talk- or we talk then spank- depending on the crime!! LOL! A book I am reading “creative correction” Lisa Whelchel is good too.

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