Lovin’ this weather!

We have had the most fabulous warm weather lately! I know it’s probably due to global warming but I’m not gonna let that get me down! We have been so happy to get out of the house and just play. We’ve gone to the park several times and Owen just loves it. He runs all over the place and isn’t scared to try out anything. Here are some pictures of our fun!

I just realized this picture posted twice but I’m not sure how to delete it so enjoy it again!

his favorite thing by far is the slide!

the little daredevil loves to go down the enclosed slide headfirst…here he goes!

coming out the other side!

kicking the soccer ball with daddy

time out for a little drink

the funniest picture of all time! Check out the static in his hair!

driving the fire truck

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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