time to play!

Santa left this really cute hat in Owen’s stocking and I tried and tried to get a picture of him wearing it….you can see that didn’t go very well! He’s giving me the same look that Chris gives me when I annoy him…..I recognize that look immediately!

Multi-tasking at its best….playing with his new farmhouse, eating a cup of cheerios, and watching his new favorite show, the Backyardigans.

making a deposit into his fun new piggy bank

Santa left foam bath letters and numbers as well as bath crayons in Owen’s stocking. He would stay in the tub for over an hour if we’d let him these days. Directly behind his head is an Owen original. The crayons came with a duck sponge eraser and Owen has designated me the official eraser. He won’t let me draw with the crayons but he yells at me (still in his Japanese speech) when he wants me to erase. Once, I made the mistake of leaning over to look at what he was drawing on the inside of the tub and he politely took his hand and moved my head out of the way. He’s so funny these days!

Chris made sure that Santa brought Owen more sports equipment (like the baseball glove and ball and lacrosse equipment were not enough!). Stay tuned for a very entertaining post featuring Owen’s first hockey lesson……

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