Hockey 101

Chris found this little sports set for Owen for Christmas. It came with two nets, 4 hockey sticks (2 for big kids, 2 for little kids), two balls for ball hockey, and a soccer ball. I was skeptical that it would be too big for Owen and that he wouldn’t play with it. I was totally wrong. The kid loves it!

The other day, Chris and Owen had their official first lesson. Here’s Chris giving a lesson on correct form (notice he had to put all his “gear” on for this).

showing Owen how to throw his hands in the air and yell “score”! This lesson stuck because Owen constantly throws his hands up (no matter what the situation) and yells “sco!”

discussing how to keep your stick on the “ice”….still working on that one!

Owen demonstrating his own technique

Owen actually scored a little goal…he looks stunned!

**for those faithful readers (all 4 of you!) I know that you have noticed that we are drowning in toys but I’m happy to announce that we have remedied the situation over the Christmas break and our house now actually looks like adults live here too! So, future posts should contain pictures that are a little less toy-dominated**

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