It finally happened!

Owen woke up one day and decided it was time to talk……and he hasn’t stopped since! I just love these pictures of him where he looks as if he’s saying “what!?!”

Over the Thanksgiving break (bless that baby b/c he waited until we were all home together!), Owen decided it was about time to say something. Don’t get me wrong, he still resorts to Japanese monologues when he has a lot to say but he is speaking wonderful English words more and more. The Speech Pathologist in me is jumping for joy….b/c secretly I was starting to worry a little. Owen now says the following words and phrases consistently: stop, mine, see, sit, up, off, dada, mom (not mama or mommy….very funny), thank you (day doo), love you (duh doo), good girl (guh gull), bye, hey, do it (he uses this for anything he wants you to do for him). He still shakes his head no in the most hilariously disapproving way when it suits him. He can follow simple directions and participate in routines (bedtime routine, getting ready to go somewhere routine, clean up, etc.). Our finest accomplishment though is that he can touch his nose on command. That’s something we’ve been working on for what seems like forever!! He’s overassimilated that skill though because if you ask him “where’s your ears” or anything else for that matter he stops and points to his nose. Still needs a little work on that one!

We’re so proud of him and all that he’s learning. We’re looking forward to Christmas break so that we can have extra time to enjoy him and all his new tricks!

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