Christmas fun!

We have had an action-packed week of pre-Christmas activities. Owen had breakfast with Santa this morning and as you can see from the picture below….he and Santa are not on good terms this year.

The photographer took a good picture of Owen that I need to scan and upload. He has the worst look on his face. Chris said it looked like Santa had just said “you’re not getting anything for Christmas!”.

Owen had a great time eating pancakes and sausage and running around with the other kids. Then we were off to a birthday party this afternoon. Owen still thinks it’s his responsibility to entertain everyone when we go somewhere like that. So, he ran around running his mouth nonstop and being a ham.

A few days ago we decorated a gingerbread house together. Owen was much more interested in eating the candy than decorating. Once he got going though he was very serious about it. He did not want any help and made that very clear!

Apparently, Owen and I miscommunicated about the finished product because he was not too happy with me when I put him back in the living room…..yes, that’s candy in his mouth.

Owen’s finished product (with a tiny bit of help from mom and dad)

We have one last week of school before the break. The countdown to Christmas begins!

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