Turkeys and Tutus

There was heated debate in our house whether these photos should be posted online….of course I won so here they are! They’re just too funny not to share!

Here’s the backstory: my parents hosted Thanksgiving this year at their new house. There were going to be 20-25 people there including our 3 little cousins (Reece, Missy, and Jessi). So, my mom got out our dress-up trunk that Melissa and I played with when we were kids. It has all my mom’s old dance costumes (vintage costumes as we taught the little girls to say!) plus our dance costumes from over the years and a few other things mixed in. The little girls had a great time playing dress up for hours on end. Owen wanted to be right there in the middle of them. I found him in the middle of sequins and ruffles holding up costumes exclaiming “see! see!”.

How could I resist!?!

Even covered in sequins and tulle…he’s still 100% B-O-Y!

So, these pictures will now be filed away only to return when he hits 16 and tries to test the limits……..

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