Break Time!

We were fortunate to have a nice break from work this past week. I was off the entire week and Chris was off Wed-Fri. Chris worked on finishing the deck at mom and dad’s house every spare moment he got so Owen and I had lots of quality time together. The weather was nice and we had a great time.

We went to the park one afternoon and had a blast. Owen is big enough now that he can climb the stairs to the little kid slide and go down it all by himself….which he did about 30 times! He had a blast climbing and running everywhere.

He spent several minutes trying to move the leaves from inside the barrier to the grass below. I see little hints of OCD creeping in already….

too cute!

this picture truly captures the fun he had on the slide

We played outside at home one day with the wagon and trucks. Owen is so independent these days so he didn’t want any help bringing his wagon from the garage

Owen likes to play with Chris’ hats and fortunately for him Chris has about a million all over the house!

little hands always find the “no-no’s”!

We had a little coloring time before lunch one day. Owen was more interested in pulling the crayons out of their holder than actually using them.

We had such a great week together and we’re counting the days til Christmas Break so we can have more fun and adventures!

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