Happy Halloween!

What a difference a year makes! This teeny tiny picture (sorry, I’m terrible at computer stuff!) is Owen and his friend Hudson on Halloween last year.

Here are Owen and Hudson this year(with Hudson’s mommy Amanda)!

Aren’t they cute!?!

I’ve uploaded quite a few pictures from our fun-filled night. Unfortunately, I still haven’t figured out how to make them load in order so these are a little disorganized. Pretty much everyone knows by now that Owen dressed as Batman. Chris (with a little help from me) transformed Owen’s wagon into the Batmobile so Owen was riding in style tonight!

Owen loved being with the other kids and getting candy!

Suckers are his new favorite treat!

He really enjoyed seeing all the neighbors

his costume and Batmobile got lots of attention

posing for some pics before heading out for fun! Here is Owen with Marley, Reece, and Will.

Chris was so proud of his creation so I had to add a few more pictures of the Batmobile.

Isn’t he the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!

Batman taking a timeout for a Cheeto Puff!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!

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