Fun with Animals

There was a traveling animal exhibit set up here in town last week. It was free to go and look at (and pet) lots of animals so, of course, we had to check it out. They had a tiger, kangaroo, monkey, goats, llamas, camel, etc. Owen loves animals and he had a great time. Here are some pictures from our visit.

Owen thinks all animals should respond when he points and says “sit!”. Here he is with Aunt Missy telling the camel to “sit!!”

Owen enjoyed feeding the animals their hay

He has a special fondness for goats since we have some near our house that he has spent a lot of time looking at. He really enjoyed petting these little goats and touching their horns.

I think he would’ve climbed on in the pen with them if we let him!

He found the llamas especially entertaining and kept coming back over to them to take another look.

Owen really enjoyed looking (and petting) all of the animals. He has a new animal puzzle that makes the animal sound when you put the piece in. So, we’ve spent alot of time this week working on animal sounds and names. He occasionally says “shee shee” when looking at the sheep and he can quack like a duck. Too cute!

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