15 months

I’m so behind on the blog so here’s the first of several catch-up posts. Owen had his 15 month checkup last week (he’s actually 16 months old now). He weighed 25 lbs 8 oz and was 30 inches tall. He got three shots (one in the leg and two in the arm). It was the first time to have shots in the arm which did not go well. Conveniently I had to work, so Chris took him to the appt. Usually, he’s cranky and feverish after immunizations but I swear they gave the child a turbo booster because he has been more verbal and crazy since that day! Unfortunately, he got sick two days later which is why I’ve been absent from the blog. He had fever and was just miserable the whole weekend so I took him back to the doctor on Monday afternoon. He had an ear infection (his first), a sore throat, and chest congestion. After several days of routinely doping him up with antibiotics, cough medicine, tylenol, motrin, and Vicks he has rallied and made a complete (almost) recovery. He’s still coughing a little but it certainly isn’t slowing him down! I really think he’s trying to make up for lost time because he’s been getting in a little more trouble than usual the past two days. Here are a few pics of the big boy!

sitting on the fireplace…a major no-no!

standing on the fireplace….a definite no-no! Check out his big belly! He had just eaten a big meal and he looked so funny with his belly poking out so much! I know he looks a little homely with pj pants and sandals at the end of October. He is obsessed with shoes these days and will routinely bring different pairs of his shoes for us to put on him. So, he spent a lot of time wearing these sandals that day.

having “man time” with Chris….notice they both have on plaid pj pants! “Man time” usually involves wearing hats, playing with the guitar, watching ESPN, and wrestling.

Stay tuned for pictures from the animal exhibit and Halloween!

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