windy day fun

We had a very hectic week with everyone going in a million different directions. We took a time out on Wed. afternoon to spend some time together playing outside before I left the next day for the ArkSHA conference in Hot Springs. It was a very windy day so Chris thought it was perfect kite flying weather. It was actually a little too windy for the kite which Chris realized after it got stuck on the roof of the church. Despite our kite flying catstrophe, we all had a great time running and playing outside!

This picture cracks me up! Owen looks like a mad scientist….from the weird way his eyebrows look to the windblown crazy hair…it’s too cute!

I included this one because Owen looks like such a big boy running across the grass to Chris. When I looked at the whole picture, I really cracked up because if you notice in the background Chris is all tangled in the kite!

These next two are my all-time favorites….isn’t he the cutest!?!

On the way back inside, Owen had to stop for a chat with the scarecrow.

Hope everyone is enjoying the fall season!

We’re heading to SAU Homecoming activities in a few hours so we’ll have some new pictures to post later on. We also want to say “Happy Thanksgiving” to our Canadian readers. We’ll be having turkey and all the fixin’s tomorrow afternoon to celebrate!

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