Trouble with a capital "T"

Owen’s feeling much better after battling rotovirus for a week. He’s gained back the weight he lost and then some. He’s also decided to start a new phase of troublemaking. You can see it in those big blue eyes the moment he wakes up in the morning….he’s on the hunt for trouble! I think we’re constantly running after him saying “stop”, “no”, “put that down!”, “don’t eat that!”. It’s exhausting. Despite all of his troublemaking, we love him to pieces. He’s loads of fun and every day is a new adventure!

Here he is performing routine maintenance on his car. He spends more time working on this little car than he does pushing it around these days. He’s very interested in how things work. We may have a future engineer on our hands!

This picture captures what may be the explanation for his tantrums and troublemaking…he’s S-P-O-I-L-E-D. This mound of toys is living in our living room since Nonnie and Papaw are living in Owen’s room for the time being. As soon as they get in their new digs, these toys are going in a toy box in his bedroom. Despite all of these toys, he’d still prefer to play with things like lamp cords, window blinds, dog bones…..

Here he is dumping out the wipes…a new fun game he’s devised.

“helping” with the laundry…..

sampling Annabelle’s dog food… case you’re wondering why there’s dog food in the bedroom…Annabelle’s on a very strict diet so we have to feed her away from Emma

the therapist in me is constantly on the lookout for “red flags”. So, I’m a little concerned that Owen has an aversion to books. He’ll play with his books and loves his “That’s Not My Bunny” book but he rarely tolerates being read to. So, this is a rare moment where he was reading a book one morning before going off to Connie’s.

Other new and exciting firsts to report include two new teeth! His two front teeth are coming in. So, now he likes to open and close his mouth to feel his top and bottom teeth touch. It’s pretty hilarious. We’re working on weaning him onto regular food slowly but surely with the plan to have him completely on table food by mid-summer. Today, he sampled a scrambled egg and a little bacon and decided that those were his two new favorite foods. I’m ready for him to be able to eat “big boy food” but not looking forward to making him something to eat all the time. It’s so nice to just open up a jar of food at mealtimes. So, that will be something to get used to. Today (just in time for mother’s day) Owen FINALLY started making the “mamama” sound. It’s been weeks and weeks of “dadadada” (much to Chris’ delight!). So, there’s hope that “mama” will slip out of that little mouth before much too longer. We have the Blossom Festival next week so stay tuned for pics of his first trip to the Blossom Fest!

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