When the stomach bug attacks!

We made it almost 10 whole months before Owen got really sick. He’s had his fair share of colds and seasonal allergies but we survived. We weren’t ready for the stomach virus that invaded our house this week though. He had an upset stomach Wed. morning right after he ate his breakfast, but we thought nothing of it because he’s a poop machine on a normal day so I took him to Connie’s and went on to work. By noon, Connie was calling saying she thought he had a fever. I went and picked him up and sure enough he had a temp of 102. Then he started vomiting. So, I called the doctor and the nurse told us what to do and since then we’ve been up to our elbows in disgusting diapers. Yuck. He’s taking it like a trooper though. We consider ourselves blessed that he hasn’t been too cranky or fussy with all of this. More power to him because I know if Chris or I had to deal with what he has this week, we would not be quite as stoic. So, God bless Pedialyte. Owen has drank what seems like a gallon of it in the past few days trying to replace what’s going out of him so fast. So, say a little prayer for the little guy that the virus will completely leave his system this weekend.

As I mentioned before, he’s a trooper. He doesn’t let a little thing like the stomach virus keep him from playing. So, here are Owen’s attempts at entertaining himself while stuck indoors with a nasty virus.

He loves his little car but we’re still working on our driving skills.
Mom and dad had to get some storage tubs for their clothing and Owen entertained himself for a long time inside the tubs. We were all able to eat dinner while he played happily in the tubs!
We’ve developed a system of stripping him down and hosing him off after each “episode”. He’s gotten so used to it that he just likes sitting in the sink now!
His little naked booty can run from you so fast after you’ve cleaned him up. He’s always looking for new things to get into. If you look really closely you can kind of make out the red ring on his right cheek from the drain in the sink. He’s such a little nudist!
He can empty the “lid” drawer in under 2 minutes flat!

We made the mistake of letting him climb up in the window one time and now he thinks he’s got to be up there all the time. He looks so cute though! I know letting him do this is going to come back to haunt us!

He crawls up there with a lot of grunting and huffing, but without any assistance from us.
Don’t call DHS! We were standing by to catch him if he took a tumble!
He still loves riding the “choo choo” in this plastic tub even though he barely fits anymore.
His little car converts into a push toy and he “drives” this thing all over the house. You’ve got to watch out because he’ll run you over!

I love this picture! He’s fascinated with all kinds of glasses and had fun trying on his Nonnie’s specs!

This is what happens to the poor child when Chris is in charge. He lets him play with coasters and puts stickers on his bald little head.
We were so excited to buy Owen the Bathtime Bubble machine but as you can see from the look on his face….he’s not impressed.
not impressed at all….he scored the red mark on his eye when he crashed his little car…..lots of bumps and bruises these days!
Owen can’t wait to feel better so he can go outside and play.

Owen turned 10 months old today. Hard to believe it’s been almost a year since he was born. Every day is a new adventure and we’re having a blast! Tune in next week for more fun and adventures!

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